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Maleic Anhydride Grafted Wax

Published on:2022-11-09   Views:922

Maleic anhydride grafting wax is grafted with maleic anhydride as monomer at suitable temperature. Monomers can be acrylic and so on. Grafting of maleic anhydride provides polarity without polymer degradation, such as oxidation. The ability of maleic anhydride to enhance adhesion makes it ideal for adhesive applications including water-based applications.

1,High polymer coupling agent:Used for the filling of wood powder, wood fiber, glass fiber, calcium carbonate, mica, etc and modified PP materials. It can improve the compatibility and adhesiveness of PP matrix and filler interface. It can greatly improve the mechanical properties and thermal resistance of the composites.

2, Used to enhance the polarity of PP, a small amount of addition can significantly improve the dyeing and paintability of PP. It can be used for modified PP spinning and dyeing master batches.

3, As a lubricant, dispersion promoter, it can be used for the modification of PP mixture, PA6, PA66 and other polyolefin mixture. Used for PP filling master, color master, flame retardant master, color master, degradation master, transparent master, drawing master, etc. Because of the strong interaction between maleic anhydride grafted PP wax and pigments, dyes and flame retardants, it can promote the dispersion of pigments, dyes and flame retardants in PP resin carrier. The same modification effect was obvious when PA6, PA66 and other polyolefin were added with maleic anhydride grafting wax.

4, high molecular weight compatibilizer: For PP/PA, PP/PE, PA/PE alloy, adding 1-5% can significantly improve the compatibility and affinity of phase interface.


1. Masterbatch, filled masterbatch, modified masterbatch, etc.

2. Polyolefin materials, polar polymer materials;

3. Used in wood, glass fiber, calcium carbonate,mica, aluminum hydroxide and other inorganic powders;

4. Nylon processing.


1. High-efficiency dispersant, a small amount of addition can significantly improve the dyeing and lacquer performance of dyes, improve surface finish;

2. Excellent resolution of compatibility, improve the adhesion with other materials;

3. Improve the compatibility and adhesion of resin and fller interface, improve the mechanical properties and thermal resistance of composites;

4. Internal lubrication at the same time improve adhesion, has a strong bonding strength.

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