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Published on:2022-11-09   Views:795

Polypropylene wax (PP wax) has the characteristics of high melting point, low melting degree, good lubricity and good dispersion. It is an excellent additive for polyolefin processing at present. It has the advantages of high practicability and wide application area.

1. When processing polypropylene wire with high viscosity, adding this product can improve M1 value, increase lubrication and fluidity, reduce flat wire breakage, improve finish, and it is ideal for polyolefin melt index variability.

2. It is the polypropylene resin blending modified release agent: When polypropylene was added with a large amount of filler, injection molding becomes difficult, the finished product surface is rough, and the mould is not easy to be removed. Adding appropriate amount of polypropylene wax can improve the fluidity of the blend, so that the material is soluble and mutually soluble, making the product easier to be taken off from the mould, improving the surface quality of the finished product.

3. It can be used as a carrier for the manufacture of toner for electrostatic copier. Its excellent lubrication function can improve the melting point and moisture resistance of toner and prevent adhesion of photocopy.

4. It is the economizing energy agent and processing technology modifier for Polyolefin resin processing; When LLDDE and HLPE are extruded, adding appropriate amount of polypropylene wax can reduce host current 10-20%, improve extrusion speed and increase efficiency. Especially in LLDDE blow molding processing, the appearance quality and transparency of the film can be improved, and the shark skin phenomenon can be eliminated.

5. It is a dispersant, lubricant for the manufacture of high temperature resistant hot spinning master material. It can replace polyethylene wax for high temperature spinning masterbatch manufacturing and overcome the peculiar smell produced by sublimation of polyethylene wax at high temperature spinning. It is especially suitable for the dispersion and lubrication of the special master material of propylene, polyester and nylon spinning.

6. It can be used in the manufacture of high temperature resistant hot melt adhesive. It is a wear-resistant agent of printing ink, which can improve the wear resistance of printing ink, overcome the wiping and improve the temperature resistance.

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