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Micronized Wax

Published on:2022-11-09   Views:1064

Micro powder wax is made  through various micro powder process from polyethylene wax, fischer-tropsch wax, polypropylene wax, polytetrafluoroethylene, and its modified wax, etc., Micropowdered wax is widely used in coatings and inks because of its excellent property. It can enhance the surface scratch resistance, wear resistance, slip and anti viscosity, increase the slip, improve the hand feel, and can also control the gloss of paint, ink and prevent pigment settling. Together with matte powder, it can produce high performance matte paint and ink. It has become the indispensable important additive for coating and ink production.

1, It has good anti - precipitation effect, so that the printing products have good luster and three-dimensional sense.

2, It can improve the vividness of plastic color ink and wear resistance, reduce the ink fold, and improve temperature resistance, and transparency.

3, With excellent wear resistance and smoothness, it can be used for powder coatings to play the role of extinction, sliding, hardening, scratch resistance and friction resistance.

4,With good hardness and high melting point, it can play a good role of resistance to scratch and backsticking in different systems.


1. Wood paint, industrial paint, powder coating.

2. Pots, coils, wood coatings, and printing inks.

3. Water-based, and solvent-based ink and coating.

4. Leather processing.


1. Good hardness, wear resistance, anti-adhesion and stain resistance, improve the abrasion resistance, scratch resistance and enhance smooth feel;

2. Anti- adhesion, extinction effect is obvious, grinding and slippery, repainting, anti-sinking, good air permebility, improve the salt fog and moisture-proof effect, paint to improve the performance of paint remover, improve the leveling of baking enamel surface;

3. The friction cofficient is very low, superior wear resistance, sliding, scratch resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance;

4. High melting point, lubrlcity, good dispersion, improve the ink wear resistance, transparency;

5. Give luster and heat stability, coating smooth and so on.

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