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Liquid Silicone Rubber

product type:Liquid silicone rubber has good flowability, fast vulcanization, and is safer and more environmentally friendly. Liquid silicone rubber is widely used in food, medical, electronic industry, construction industry, and oth···
Product Description

Liquid silicone rubber has good flowability, fast vulcanization, and is safer and more environmentally friendly. Liquid silicone rubber is widely used in food, medical, electronic industry, construction industry, and other industries. Liquid silicone rubber can be used for the molding of gypsum and cement materials, the molding of wax products, the manufacturing of models, and the molding of materials. Our company has various specifications of liquid silicone rubber, and we can recommend suitable models to you according to customer requirements. Or customize suitable silicone rubber according to your requirements.

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107 Silicone Rubber

107 Silicone Rubber is a siloxane polymer with terminal hydroxyl groups. Its chemical name is α,ω-dihydroxyl polydimethyl siloxane. Customarily the product with viscosity more than 2500 mpa.s is called 107 silicone rubber.

The polymer has a combination of organo-reactivity from the hydroxyl group as well as properties typical of a polydimethylsiloxane fluid. The hydroxyl group can be chemically bonded into other system to produce new materials, or cross-linked to form elastomer or film.

Strict quality controls are observed throughout its manufacture to ensure that each molecule is functionalized with exactly two hydroxyl groups at each end of the polymer.




Clear, colorless liquid

Viscosity (25℃,mpa.s)

2500~1000000 (as per the request of customer)


1. Serve as a basic gum for anti-blocking treatment of papers.

2. Serve as the main reactant in insulation paint or component in insulator.

3. Serve as basic gum and diluents of condensed RTV silicone rubber.

4. Substitute dimethylsilicone, can be easily emulsified.


1. Normally it is used with addition of curing agent for cross-linking and curing. When used in treatment of anti-stick paper, coupling agent should be added.

2. Normally content of curing agent is 3~5% of basic gum. Content of coupling agent is 0.5~1% of basic gum.

3. It is recommended to dilute the basic gum to 10 times of original volume before adding the curing agent or coupling agent. Agitate until uniform before coating on the substrate surface. The curing reaction typically performed at normal or elevated temperature. Curing needs more than 30 min under normal room temperature and 30 sec if temperature is between 120℃~150℃.

4. Solvent-free for sealant and mould basic gum. After adding curing agent, agitate until uniform (dosage of curing agent is different for 1 part and 2 parts ). It needs 30~120 min to cure after defoaming.


1. 107 Silicone rubber should be stored in original, clean and closed plastic containers.

2. Avoid contact with acid or bases.


1. Keep tightly closed at room temperature.

2. Keep in a cool, well-ventilated place.


Appearance of commodity:

Colorless and transparent.

Market Application:

1. As the antifoaming agents, and the main raw material of some silicon products.

2. Used as perfusion sealing material in electronic equipment, semiconductor and other electronic elements.

3.As the main raw of condensation type RTV silicone rubber.

4. Used in medicine.

Package storage and transportation:

It should be packed in plastic lined iron bucket or plastic bucket, or packed according to customer's requirements, andstored in a shady, cool and ventilated. Air proof package is required without contact with water. When conveying, takecare of loading and unloading to avoid damages on package and vessels. During transportation, the packages should beundamaged, rainproof, moistureproof, sun protection and separate from impurities such as acid and alkali.

Quality guarantee period:

Quality guarantee period of this product is 12 months. Recheck by this standard is required when the product exceedsthe time limit. The product can still be used only after the result of recheck is up to this standard.

OH301 Aqueous Silicone Rubber, OH302 Aqueous Silicone Rubber


OH301 / OH302 is a silicone rubber, with terminated hydroxyl groups polymerized in aqueous system.


Excellent weather-ability, offers high resistance to ultraviolet radiation, heat and humidity, acid, mist, ozone and temperature extremes,

Durability, the cured rubber can maintain its elasticity in temperatures of -50℃ to 250℃ without hardening, cracking or degrading

Excellent waterproofing, cures to form an extremely tough elastomeric rubber ensuring a durable, flexible, watertight bond


Good softness and smoothness

Water as solvent, cost effective

Other typical properties of silicons such as chemical inertness


As supplied




Milky-white liquid

Milky-white liquid

Solid Content (%)



Ionic Type




1. Used as building sealant, imparting a long-term, aging resistance, waterproof rubber seal for normal building roof.

2. Used in industrial release paper and cylinder gasket.

3. Used in fabricating super quality waterproof fabrics.

4. Water repellant in leathers.

5. Other potential applications.


Normally the product can be applied by spraying or brushing on the treated surface or diluted the product in water and apply it on the treated surface.


1. As the product will cure if built-in water vaporized, keep the container tightly sealed when not in use. A curing film may form on the surface during storage. This can be easily removed and does not affect the remaining contents.

2. The product must be stored in original, unopened containers. Avoid contacting with air.


1. Store at 4~35℃ in original, unopened clean plastic containers.

2. Keep in a well-ventilated place. Keep dry and cool.

3. Avoid contact with acids or bases.

4. Shelf-life is 6 months. If store more than 6 months, the product can be still valid if passed testing.

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