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Polyvinyl Alcohol(PVA)

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Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) is a soluble resin used in textile pastes, adhesives, construction, and other industries. It can also be modified into film, used to make degradable film, plastic film, etc. The biggest characteristic of polyvinyl alcohol is that it can be degraded naturally and is environmentally friendly.

Our company produces a complete range of polyvinyl alcohol, with alcoholysis degree of 75 ~ 100. Different specifications of products have different appearances with flakes, granules, and powder. Our PVA products are available in various models.  Alcoholysis 99% series products include PVA0599, PVA1099, PVA1599、PVA2099、PVA2499; Special material for fiber, alcoholysis 88% series of products include PVA0588, PVA1588, PVA2088, PVA2488 and so on.

The application of PVA for building glue in the industry mainly includes putty glue, coating binder base material, the dosage accounts for more than 40% of the total, is worthy of the name of the first big application field.

PVA is mainly used for pure polyester or polyester cotton yarn with good adhesion and film formation.

Besides building glue, PVA can also be combined with other chemical raw materials to make a variety of adhesives, or as a protective colloid to produce white latex, mainly used in paper, wood, textiles, office glue and high-grade coating base material.

Vinylon fiber is a synthetic fiber produced from PVA. There are vinylon short fiber, vinylon long fiber, high strength high modulus, medium strength medium modulus, water soluble fiber and other varieties. Among them, high strength and high modulus fiber with higher strength and modulus, strong fiber tension, good comprehensive performance is widely used in building materials, rubber products, coated cloths, plastic hoses and other industries requiring higher strength industrial wires, especially in cement and building materials.

PVA has strong adhesion to cellulose, good film formation and high strength of skin film.

PVA in the paper industry is mainly used as paper surface sizing agent, pigment binder and beater additive, can improve the paper wear resistance, folding resistance, tear resistance strength, and improve gloss, smoothness, printing adaptability.

Water soluble PVA film is a new plastic product in the world. It makes use of the film formation, water and biological degradation characteristics of PVA, which can be completely degraded into CO2 and H2O. It is a real green, high-tech and environmentally friendly packaging material.

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