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Poly (butyleneadipate-co-terephthalate)(PBAT)

Published on:2022-12-19   Views:495

Biodegradable aliphatic-aromatic copolymers PBAT

PBAT is a thermoplastic biodegradable plastic, which is a copolymer of butanediol adipate and butanediol terephthalate.

With the characteristics of both PBA and PBT, it has good ductility and elongation at break, as well as good heat resistance and impact performance. In addition, with excellent biodegradability, it is one of the most popular and best degradable materials in biodegradable plastics research.

PBAT is a kind of biodegradable aliphatic - aromatic copolymers. After modified, it can be applied to blown film process. Typical products include but not limited to supermarket shopping bags, various garbage bags, garment bags, industrial packaging, etc.

Characteristic of PBAT:

1, Green, non-toxic and harmless, completely biodegradable.

2, High whiteness, no black spots, good compatibility and dispersion.

3,  It can improve product rigidity and dimensional stability, reduce shrinkage, and shorten production cycle.

4, Low water content, can be directly added without drying treatment, adding amount is 10-30%.

5.Cost effective and reduce production costs

During transportation and storage, the temperature should not exceed 55℃.

Storage time of unopened products may not surpass 12 month at room temperature 23℃.

For granules PBAT is recommended to be used immediately after package opened. If customers need to open bags and use them partially, once package opened, we recommend to seal again properly and use it up as soon as possible.

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