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Our company focuses on the research, development and production of polyethylene wax series products. Some of our products can replace the products of Honeywell, BASF, Clariant and other international large companies in equal quantity, but our product price has a great advantage. We have two production bases in Hebei and Inner Mongolia with a capacity of over 100,000 tons. Our products have a wide range of specifications, as long as you tell us what you are used for, we can recommend the right model to you.

Polyethylene wax is an excellent wax additive, polyethylene wax has good compatibility with polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene, polyvinyl acetate, ethylene-propylene rubber and butyl rubber. As a lubricant, during the production process, polyethylene wax can increase the processing performance and gloss of the product. Polyethylene wax (PE wax) is widely used with its excellent performance of cold, heat, chemical and abrasion resistance.                                                                                                                                 

According to the appliaction area, polyethylene wax products can be divided into: special polyethylene wax for PVC products, special polyethylene wax for PVC stabilizer, special polyethylene wax for color masterbatch, special polyethylene wax for filling masterbatch, special polyethylene wax for road marking paint, Polyethylene wax for hot melt adhesive (EVA), polyethylene wax for rubber, polyethylene wax for asphalt modification, polyethylene wax for powder coating, polyethylene wax for wood plastic.

Polyethylene wax application: Polyethylene wax can be used for PVC profiles, pipes, foam boards, wood plastics, PVC stabilizers, color masterbatches, filler masterbatches, hot melt adhesives, paints, coatings, adhesives, rubber processing, etc.

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